About the WETClear mask

WETClear is the ultimate mask for personal virus protection. Our transparent, non-fogging mask lets us see each others full faces and expressions while enhancing communication and connection through facial recognition. WETClear is ideal for educators, medical and healthcare workers and those who are deaf, hard of hearing or rely on visual communication and lip reading. Made from clear PET-G plastic, with filters of Technostat® 70 Plus, a viral and bacterial filtering fabric blended from spunbond polypropylene. WETClear is an excellent choice for PPE in the fight against Covid. Let the world see you smile!

Color Wonder White

Assembling your WETSHIELD

It’s quick and easy! Peel off the protective covering from both sides of your water-clear LEXAN® plastic shield and snap it onto the five buttons on the band. Wear it and enjoy the ability to breathe freely as well as show off your smile and use the facial recognition on your devices! If you’d like to lift your face shield up to eat or drink, simply pop the shield off of the middle button and rotate all the way up.

If you have any questions about your please let us know; we are happy to help.

Made in Los Angeles

WETClear & WETSHIELD are designed, manufactured and fulfilled on our campus in Los Angeles, California.