SMALL: 4.75" wide x 4.5" tall
MEDIUM: 5" x 4.68"
LARGE: 5.4" x 5"
If standard masks fit comfortably, M would likely fit you.

  • 1 WETClear face mask
  • 2 pairs of replacement filters (4 single filters)
  • 1 Anti-fog spray

  • Protective
  • Full Facial Recognition
  • Anti-fog
  • Replaceable Filters
  • Technostat®  70 Plus Filtration
  • Made in USA

    Renew and enhance the longevity of your WETClear face mask with replaceable filters and anti-fog spray. WETClear is ideal for educators, medical and healthcare workers and those who are deaf, hard of hearing or rely on visual communication and lip reading. Our transparent, see-through mask lets us see each others full faces and expressions while enhancing communication and connection through facial recognition. WETClear allows you to be protected by a mask without hiding your face. The mask is made of clear PET-G plastic. Filters are made from Technostat® 70 Plus, a viral and bacterial filtering fabric blended from spunbond polypropylene. 

    The WETClear face mask may be used until the filters becomes soiled, damaged or difficult to breathe through, after which the mask should be disposed of, or wiped clean and the filters replaced. It is recommended that this be done after ten total hours of wear. The mask interior is treated with an anti-fog coating and can be wiped gently with a soft, wet cloth. If moisture accumulates in the mask, it can be wiped away with a soft tissue.

    Masks are intended to augment but not replace social distancing, hand washing, the avoidance of face touching, and other recommended measures to reduce the community spread. The WETClear  face mask was developed in accordance with CDC guidelines; however, it is not an approved product, does not guarantee protection from any virus or communicable disease and is not a substitute for surgical or procedural masks. Manufacture of this product is done under an EUA for personal protective equipment.

    Our WETClear face masks, face shields and toppers are made in Los Angeles, California at our WET Headquarters. We take the utmost care in inspecting and caring for our products before they ship to you.

    For WETShield assembly instructions please refer to our video and instructions. For help with attaching the topper to a WETShield please refer to our topper instructions. For any additional questions, feedback and large orders please email or call us 800.938.1190. 

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