From our fountains at the Bellagio Hotel
to those for the Olympics in Sochi, Russia,
We created WET to connect all of mankind.
My wish is that we may all celebrate the wonders of life
in each other’s presence.

If we meet, I want to catch the twinkle of your eye,
enjoy the glow in your face,
sense the warmth in your smile.
Though we must remain physically apart,
this virus must not separate us socially or emotionally.

Now, we have created the water-clear WETShield
so that each of us can be safe,
while being together
in this global pandemic.

Please enjoy your WETShield.
Stay safe.
Have fun.
And let’s both enjoy every person’s presence.



WET, co-founded by Mark Fuller in 1983, is the world leader in water entertainment design and technology.

Writing for the New Yorker, John Seabrook described Mark Fuller as “the closest thing the world has to a fountain genius.” Mark’s WET team, he now insists, exceeds him in mastering the magic of water as the world’s most beloved element.

WET’s innovative team has created over 250 public installations, notably including The Fountains of Bellagio, The Dubai Fountain, the Revson Fountain at Lincoln Center, the Fountains of Wynn Palace in Macau, Aquanura in the Netherlands, and the Olympic Fountains in Salt Lake City and Sochi, Russia. The firm holds more than fifty patents and has pioneered most of what the public experiences today in water features, from pool-less plaza fountains to leaping laminars, from choreographed water performers to fountains of pure fire.

WET is comprised of a team of 200, who count among themselves musicians, mathematicians, machinists and mold makers, magicians, models and motion designers; physicists, pyro-technicians, pattern makers and product designers; conceptualists, choreographers, cinematographers; academy award winners, animators, architects, software architects and landscape architects; fluids engineers, optical engineers, mechanical engineers; painters, planners, pilots and photographers; dancers, divers and dogs (and just a few amazing accountants, analysts, and project managers).