Assembling your WETShield

Remove protective film from both sides
Snap shield holes into the buttons
Loop elastic band around the two back hooks

Caring for your WETShield

To keep your WETShield in good condition:
  • Handle with care and avoid dropping or scratching.
  • Avoid exposure to high heat, such as hair dryer, stove, oven.
  • Do not microwave or place in the dishwasher, washing machine or dryer.
  • Avoid exposure to solvents or acids.

Cleaning your WETShield

  • Wipe the SHIELD with a soft, lint-free cloth, such as a microfiber cloth or soft paper facial tissue.
  • Sanitize the SHIELD with:
    Ethanol 70% or higher
    Isopropyl alcohol 70% or higher
    3% hydrogen peroxide
    Warm soapy water
  • Make sure the solution reaches all interspaces. Rinse the shield well with water after and dry with a soft, lint-free cloth or soft paper facial tissue. (allowing to air dry may leave water spots.)