Leimomi H., May 14, 2020
The shields are easy to assemble, dis-assemble, to clean and disinfect, and to reassemble for daily use. I prefer wearing with a terry headband because my job is active. Kudos to WET Design for its reasonable pricing of the product. In my opinion, now is not the time to profit from PPE.

I purchased 5 of these for our small-business staff. I live in the Houston, Texas area and am amazed how many people are out and about without face masks - just common courtesy to keep your spit, sneezes, and germs somewhat contained. I ordered these before the Amazon offering was re-prioritized for front-line responders. I am 100% behind supporting our front-line responders and do not fault either the manufacturer or Amazon for prioritizing accessibility. However, not every essential business worker has the gear needed to protect themselves. I am grateful for these shields and will wear any time I am out and about. I would like to get a Lost in Space spacesuit though...just for the fun of it.

Does not fog up!
AZ, July 19, 2020
A shield that does not get fogged up. I double twisted elastic band in back to fit head. I hang in my operatory when not wearing. All plastic so easy to wash with soap and water.

Great product!!
Zippy, July 19, 2020
I have been looking for a comfortable and clear shield and this is the one!! I have now purchased three shields and have my entire family ordering from WETShield. Great customer service and quick delivery. Also, the shield is extremely comfortable and easy to assemble. The shield is particularly nice because it is so clear, easy to clean and it is longer than most you will find.

Well made, fogless, and affordable
Jamie Z., May 4, 2020
Wow this shield is amazing! I’m a nurse and have tried several other shields and this one is extremely comfortable in spite of the solid, sturdy materials. And no fogging! I highly recommend this for health care workers looking for a well made shield that can be worn over and over (no foam) , and at an affordable price.

Quality Face Shield
Jeff Chiu, May 7, 2020
Wore for grocery shopping today. It was easy to put on and comfortable to wear. It does not fog, enough space between shield and face for air flow. Definitely an added protection and peace of mind. Would highly recommend.

You feel more protected and safer wearing this face shield
Leonardo, May 5, 2020
This Face Shield is the best I’ve ever used. Fast delivery and easy to assemble! The material is top quality I could tell. Overall I am ecstatic about my purchase especially during these times. I know my new face shield will protect me From A direct sneeze And it will also allow me to see my full surroundings.

A good shield from a trustworthy and caring company.
Char, May 6, 2020
This product lives up to expectations. The shield is clear (but please read the fine print and remove the green tint on the front and back sides or you will be a little confused). I got the shield to wear at a graduation (with social distancing). I am at risk and it helps to lessen fears of being in public. The company is patient, caring and goes above and beyond to help you if you need it.

Great PPE product!
Robyn, May 15, 2020
Crystal clear, no distortion of visual field, no fogging, and very light weight. Easy to disinfect because there is no foam on the head band. I thought it might bother my forehead without foam but, it did not! Highly recommend this to anyone who needs to be in close contact with others. With any face shield, adjusting range of motion is going to be required, and this one provided excellent protective coverage without having to adjust range of motion very much. I barely realized I had it on. Great product.

PPE Incredible WET Face Shield
Jennifer H., May 5, 2020
I love this new WETShield as the plastic head band is comfortable and the shield is easy to clean to reuse. It arrived with a protective tape so I know this was brand new and made in USA. I just ordered four more to use when we go out of the house and sent two to my sister who owns a restaurant for her employees. Very happy with this product.

Super fast fulfilment!
Marc R. Doyle, May 6, 2020
I just ordered my shield a couple of days ago, and it's already in my hands, which, in my experience, is completely rare during the pandemic. SUPER fast. It's a really elegant face shield, and looks more subtle than you would think. You don't feel like an astronaut wearing it in to a supermarket. And comfortable! Highly recommended. (I'm recommending it to my nurse friends, too!)

Priscilla R., July 13, 2020
I’m from Houston Texas, where things aren’t going so well with the virus. I work in childcare, I feel so much safer now with this face shield. Now I don’t have to worry about children’s spit getting on my face or milk being flicked at my face. I also found myself pulling down my mask to breath and that’s no bueno. This face shield is great! I recommend wearing both mask and shield for ultimate protection. Its possible for droplets to come in underneath the (any) face shield 👍🏼 So wear both mask and shield! Stay safe everyone!

Denise P., May 27, 2020
I was going to return them when my husband opened his and asked if I removed the film? I pulled the sticker off, without realizing they were a guide to where to grasp the edge of the plastic ON BOTH SIDES that peels off. NOW IT'S PERFECT!!!!

Lightweight, functional, amazing face shield
Suz, May 12, 2020
I am very satisfied with my purchase of the WETShield. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a protective PPE. The shield is light weight, comfortable, durable, easy to wear for long periods of time and extremely clear & easy to see through. I can easily sanitize it for reuse over and over. My sister is a nurse and my partner is a firefighter, they both tried on my shield and quickly went to purchase their own! We are a satisfied customers.